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Articles for Growth & Development

Click the topics below to build your faith and destroy doubts. It is through the Word of God that faith is developed and matured. We as believers are to constantly gorge ourselves on the truth of God's Word until it renews our thoughts, transform our heart, and manifest in our actions.


Faith is not just about trusting but more about who and what you are trusting in. Faith can only begin where the will of God is known or where revelation has been shown. We can believe things based on experience, perception, our senses, and through watching others...


Prayer could be the most important thing that you can do as a believer. Prayer not only connects you with God but it allows you to change things in the unseen realm. As most believers have been conditioned to praying defensively, when tragedy strikes, it can give the impression that prayer is reactive.


Thoughts are nothing more than moving images in your mind. The objective of every thought is to become a living reality. A thought will die in the intellectual realm if attention is not given to it.

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