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NEXT STEPS to Connect with Believers Example Church

Our Next Steps is the journey that every member will take from becoming members to ultimately living in the assignment for which they were created. Our job is to help you run your race and finish your course. Get started today by signing up to start your Foundation Classes!

These classes will give you an inside look into what Believers Example Church is all about. We discuss your role as a believer and member. After becoming a member, your next step is to serve on our Helps Project. Click here for more class information. 

Example Project
Training Project
Assignment Finishers

Every member will serve with the Helps Project to support the vision of the ministry. The ministry of helps is a vital support to the furtherance of the Gospel. The pastor of any assembly can only do so much, but it's the congregation who becomes the hands and feet that causes the vision to live.

We will offer a two-year program for those coming who are new into the faith. This project is developed to model a godly example and foster accountability for new believers or those returning back to the Lord. This will serve as a small group but not required for those who are mature in the faith.

This is the stage where you will begin preparing and training for your assignment. We will offer a Bible School as well as a Business & Leadership Development School; so whether you are going into the secular market or Christian circles, you will be equipped.

Upon completion of your training, the ministry will help and assist you to step out and obey God in whatever assignment you feel called to establish. There is a myriad of ways assistance will be offered inclusive of resources, networks, contacts, or professional advisors. We want to see you succeed!

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