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FIRST STEPS to Connect with Believers Example Church

Your next steps after visiting is to attend our Foundation Classes. Foundations is comprised of 4 different classes (101-401) that will highlight who we are, what's important to us, where we are going, and how we will equip you to be a part of this assignment. After completion of Foundations 101, you will officially become a member of Believers Example Church. As you progress through and finish Foundations 401, you will choose a Helps Project to join and begin serving.

Foundations 101
Foundations 201
Foundations 301
Foundations 401

This class will give you the chance to meet Pastor O and learn the story behind why and how Believers Example Church came into existence. We will discuss the basic introduction to the ministry and give clarity to our ministry structure. 

The topics covered in this class will be on righteousness, renewing the mind, walking in the Spirit, character and integrity. You will understand the foundation of our ministry, I Timothy 4:12, and how we should function as believers.

You will discover the importance of the Word, Faith, Prayer and the Holy Spirit in your personal life. We will also teach you how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, how to yield to His promptings, and why your prayer life is vital to God.

We will discuss your role as a member, the art of serving, walking in excellence, and how to discover your God-given assignment in the earth. After completion of this class, you will choose which Helps Project that will best compliment your gifting.


To become a member, please fill out the information below.

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