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Below is a confession to declare over your situation. Job 22:28 "Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways."

Confessions Over Your City

I stand watch in the spirit over my city. I have been given authority to reign according to Romans 5:17. I boldly decree from my seat in the heavenlies, you kingdom of darkness, listen very carefully, I hold the Blood of Jesus over ________ (city). I disrupt the plans you have setup for this city. I speak confusion to the camp of the wicked. You shall not prevail in your attempts over _______ (city). I decree no death, no theft, no calamity, no destruction, no terrorism, no murder, and no injustice shall be permitted to operate in my city, county, neighborhood, schools, daycares, airports, colleges, places of business, and major highways. Wickedness is being cut off from this city.


Every scheme, trick, snare, plot, and plan of the enemy against the church, my family, and the residents in my city are being cut off. Every diabolical work of darkness is being exposed, uncovered, and revealed. Drug networks, drug cells, drug pipelines, sex trafficking, illicit and illegal activity, and unethical practices are being stopped, averted, brought to the light, judged and corrected in Jesus Name.


I apply the Blood of Jesus over every square inch that make up the boundaries of this city. I hold the Blood of Jesus against you, in the Name of Jesus!

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